Databank Foundation extended its scope of work and contribution to Ghana’s development by focusing on basic education. Read Aid is a literacy program targeted at Public Schools in Ghana and is aimed at contributing to improved learning outcomes at the basic level through reading.

Read Aid provides an opportunity for Databank staff to actively engage with children in the community. The program is run through weekly reading sessions. Over 260 pupils in classes 1 and 2 have been enrolled in 5 schools in Accra and Takoradi. The weekly reading sessions are conducted with the help of both student volunteers and Databank staff. Since its inception in 2016 children enrolled unto the program have progressively showed interest in books. Assessment records show an average of 34% increase in the number of students who are able to read in the first year of the program across four schools.

At Databank, our mantra is Leadership. Beyond working to empower Ghanaians to achieve financial independence, we hope that through this initiative, the value of leadership will transcend to the next generation and breathe life into the words of Margrette Fuller, “Today a Reader, tomorrow a leader”.

The Read Aid Literacy Program is supported by Street Library Ghana through the provision of technical support and assessment tools for the program.