The Child Mental Health Program is the longest running initiative of the foundation. The primary objective of this program is to share in the lives of children admitted at the Children’s Ward of Accra Psychiatric Hospital. This is to enable them enjoy a life that is close to normal as possible. The Child Mental Health Program is a long-term commitment to holistically serve this category of children with special needs within a sector that is woefully under resourced and stigmatized. Our activities include:

  • Support for staff. The Foundation has one permanent staff as well as volunteers stationed at the ward to support nurses with the daily upkeep of children. Majority of the children only utilize about 10% of their mental and physical capacity. They need to be bathed, fed, dressed, walked and cared for around the clock every day. Our staff presence at the ward supports and contributes to the provision of effective care for the children.
  • Wellbeing of children. The Foundation has put in place some initiatives to improve the wellbeing of the children at the ward. We organize recreational trips once every quarter for children and nurses. The Foundation also provides access to therapy and enhanced learning for the development of children, and facilitates the relocation of some children from the ward to permanent homes. At the end of each year, in December, the Foundation organizes a Christmas party for the children. Staff and board members of Databank Group visit the ward during this time to feed and spend time with the children and nurses. General items such as diapers and detergents are supplied regularly with funding from Databank Group and staff contributions throughout the year.