• Josiah (Frontline)

    Volunteering with Read Aid gives us the opportunity to impact lives. I think that the children are inspired by that fact that we take time of our busy schedules to help them read. The most valuable aspect of volunteering is the opportunity to serve, to give back to society by giving my time and energy. I believe that over time the pupils will feel the positive impact of the program and they will also remember that people like us came to support and inspire them.

  • Lawrencia (Research)

    I am a volunteer mentor on the on the Young Leaders Mentorship program; I mentor to two Kinbu senior high school students, I advise and guide them on academic and personal issues. I also take part in Read Aid at the Adabraka cluster of schools where I help children to read, pronounce and spell words. I feel like I am making an important contribution to education and I really value knowing that I am doing something good.

  • Kweku (Brokerage)

    I take part in Read Aid because I believe it is a great way of giving back to society. I truly value the time spent teaching and helping the kids to read. I believe that the project makes the children confident and helps them to read better. It also gave me the opportunity to know the children.

  • Dela (Legal)

    I enjoy volunteering with Databank Foundation. I have been to the Adabraka cluster of schools on a number of occasions with read with the students. I have also been to the psychiatric hospital to spend time with the kids at the end of the year. I travelled to Damang team where we read books with children and donated some chairs and a TV for the benefit of the children in the community.

    I volunteered because I realize that most times, we focus so much on our job that we never find the time to do social work. I thought that this would be an opportunity to do some good and help the less fortunate. Bringing some level of joy to these children is what I value the most.

    Seeing them smile and laugh is more rewarding than anything I've ever felt. This exercise makes me appreciate more what I have and how blessed I am. It also makes me realize that the society could do more to help the less fortunate, especially the children. It was heart-breaking to see 8 to 10 year-old children not being able to read properly. Such things should not be taken for granted. At the end of the reading sessions, I always feel gratified because I made a child and smile.

  • Florence (Pensions)

    I am Florence and I volunteer for Read Aid. I volunteer because I want to get children to like reading, because I like to read. It is important to help children develop the habit of reading. Read Aid allows children to see the benefit of reading as some parents are busy while others cannot read at all. Read Aid provides the opportunity for staff to help the children. I cherish the fact that I could change a child’s life through reading.

  • Livingston (HR)

    I had the opportunity to visit Damang through Read Aid’s outreach program ; I helped students read and we made a donation to support their community ICT center. I often go to the Adabraka cluster of schools to take part in Read Aid. Last Christmas, we spent a few hours at the children’s ward of Accra Psychiatric Hospital; I helped the nurses to feed the children. Being able to help people in times of need is important to me; our community is a better place when we give back.