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New Year’s Party 2011 - Accra Psychiatric Hospital

The party started with getting to know more about the children and their environment. The children had fun dancing happily to the music played in the background. It really was a touching sight. We were given a tour of the children’s ward. The volunteers took us inside the tiny rooms the children sleep in. Every room in the ward had an inner room where the stronger children who might bully the weaker ones were locked up to sleep throughout the night.

The weaker children sleep in the outer rooms. The children in the ward do not sleep on beds because of the possibility of injuring themselves while sleeping.Some Databank staff from Retail services, IT, Legal, Accounts, Admin and HR were present and assisted in feeding most of the children, relieving the nurses of some of their duties.

The smiles that radiated from their faces while being fed informed us that lunch was good. Though lunch was over in a few minutes, the fun had not ended. The children, full of smiles resorted to dancing again as we cheered them on. We were and are proud to have been able to reach out to these young ones who really need assistance. We would like to thank everyone who came. May God richly bless you!

Staff being present at the party was part of the Foundation’s initiative to encourage Databank staff to be more community-spirited and ‘other’-oriented this year. The Foundation has provided staff with volunteer opportunities to choose from: spending a few working hours with the young ones at the Psychiatric Hospital, at the Kinbu Secondary School, at Mini seminars organized by the Foundation, and also at the Lighthouse Children’s Home.